A new great niece!


My nephew Aaron and his new daughter!




My great-niece Adelynn Joann was born today at 12:30 AM, in Lafayette, IN weighing 8 lbs, 9 oz, 20 inches.  And lots of hair!  I’m hoping to see her in a few days.  They had to drive to the hospital last night on snowy, icy roads while she was having contractions every two minutes!  Yikes!  Things went pretty fast.  They were only there a couple of hours or so before she was born.

She is the daughter of my nephew Aaron and his wife Tisha.  They also have two boys, Devyn and Mason.  She is the 2nd grandaughter of my sister Suzie–she also has 5 grandsons!  So we needed another girl!  Doesn’t she look so precious?  I can’t wait to get ahold of her.  Congratulations Suzie and Bob!

So lets see, now I have five great-nephews, and four great-nieces, counting mine and Ed’s sides.  I guess I AM a GREAT Aunt, ha.


12 thoughts on “A new great niece!

  1. Congratulations, Christy!  She’s a little doll!  I wish we had some babies in the family.  When we do, I am going to have to get my baby fix.  I love newborns!
    I have a niece named Adelynn – spelled the same way.  It’s an unusual, but pretty name.


  2. I came by via ata_grandma – she told me that you have a niece with the name Adelynne, which is my name! I can see that it is spelt with the extra “e” at the end, but no matter – it is still a beautiful name for a precious newborn. Congratulations to Adelynn’s parents and to you! May God bless you all greatly!


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