Today I was walking into the hardware store through the wind and snow.  I passed a friendly old guy who was grimacing at the weather, and he said “Now I remember why I go to Florida!” And we both laughed.

That’s for my Floridian family members.  Although I happen to like this weather,  but I’ll be down to visit you when I can’t stand it anymore. 


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  1. :sunny: Well, how is it up north?  It’s raining ice here, but I still prefer it over the warm weather of Florida!  Call me crazy! :laugh:  Sounds like you are one busy lady, and with good reason!  I’m so happy for you … that you’ll be seeing your son soon!  I’m sure he’s looking forward to coming home too!  I hope things are going well for him out there!  Ian won’t be home this Christmas. 😦 We’re talking about flying out to see him soon … I just don’t know how to find good cheap tickets!  I’ve never flown before, either, and that makes me just a tad nervous!  Did you see my latest post about his car accident?  Well, that made me even more nervous!  I’m just thankful that he’s okay!  I’m really missing him right now … even though we have webcam, and the phone, it still isn’t the same not having him here for the holidays … or anytime, for that matter!  He’s been gone way too long!  I’m praying he’ll be coming home soon … he did say that he wasn’t even going to think about coming back home until we come out there to meet everyone … it’s important to him, so we’ve been talking more and more about taking the trip.  We may check into a train ride out, instead of a plane.  I could handle that!!  Well, you have a great day, and enjoy that time with your son!   ~ Deborah <>< 


  2. :sunny: Hi Christy … Yes, it has been a rough week here, but I’m so happy for you … that you’ll be seeing Rob soon! :fun:  I’ll keep Rob in my prayers today, as he’s flying home … it is a long flight … Ian can attest to that, but he loves flying, and all of his flights have gone smoothly … except one time he had a layover in Nevada, where they put him up in a motel … it was his first flight back to CA … such new experiences for him then … he’s come a long way!  And, let me know what you think of our new airport, too!  We were there on Thanksgiving when Ian’s best friend, Tim, flew out to Malawi, Africa!  It’s an amazing building, and the lighting is pretty good for photos, too!  It’s brighter, and more open now. 
    Anyway, you have a wonderful time with your Rob … I know you’re going to cry when you see him … hey, I do everytime I even think about Ian coming home!  And that’s okay … we’re the ‘moms’!!   Thanks again for your prayers for those requests, too!  Let us know how your Christmas holiday goes … I know it will be a blessing for you all!  Just wish my boy were here, too!  I haven’t seen him since early July!  But, I can certainly be happy for you, and Rob!  You have fun, and enjoy every second with your boy, my friend!
    Blessings ~ Deborah <>< 


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