My boy Rob is on his way home from CA tonight!  He was supposed to get in to Indy at 11:30 but his flight is delayed, and should get here around 1:00 am.  Ugh!!  But I’m so happy to see him again, whoo. I have gotten a lot done this week in getting the bedrooms ready and also some Christmas decorating.  Still a lot to do but I think it will all happen or not.  Oh well!  My kids are coming home, that is the greatest!  Plus remember what Christ did for us, it is all amazing and wonderful. 

We are supposed to go caroling at the truck stop tomorrow at 9:00 am but I don’t know if we’ll make it since we’ll be up so late.  I just can’t seem to catch up on sleep this week and feel so tired.  Even on nights I got to bed early I couldn’t sleep well.  Being up late tonight won’t help but I think the excitement will get me through!  Yeah!

It’s cold here.  BRRR. 


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