These are little ornaments that Dan and Jamie gave us for Christmas.  So we have been keeping a secret since then and now I am allowed to tell!  Can you guess???

Yes I’m going to be a Grandma and I still can’t believe it.  We’re very thankful and praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy for Jamie.


Let it snow

We finally got the snow storm I was hoping for!  I called my boss and she told me I could stay home.  Yeah!!  Snow day!! I was actually getting ready to go in, a little late, but when she said I could stay home if I wanted to, she talked me into it.   Usually Thurs. is my day off, so I told her I’d come in tomorrow.  I’m glad because I have several things I really need to get done.  Plus I am planning to sit and goof off and look at the pretty snow, maybe put on my boots and take Toby out to play.  I’ll get some pictures, it’s beautiful. 

Biggest Snow In 10 Years Hits Central Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS — A winter storm dumped 11 inches of snow on Indianapolis, marking the city’s biggest snowfall in 10 years, and buried parts of central Indiana in as much as a foot of the white stuff.

Indianapolis International Airport recorded 11 inches of snow during the winter storm, the largest storm total since 1999, the National Weather Service said. As of 9 a.m., the storm system responsible for the wintry mess was pulling away, ending the snow from west to east and leaving Hoosiers to start digging out.


Other big news:

Hoosier Takes Home Miss America Crown

LAS VEGAS — Miss Indiana Katie Stam became the first Hoosier to be crowned Miss America during a live broadcast in Las Vegas Saturday night.

The 22-year-old Seymour-native takes home a $50,000 scholarship before embarking on a year of travel and public appearances.


Let’s see, what now?

Took Rob to the airport and it was a lot harder than I expected.  I didn’t think I would cry but it hit me pretty hard.  I watched him go as far as I could.  He didn’t look back.

There is some kind of saying about how your child is like your heart that has been pulled out of your chest, living outside your body.

Now I have so much to catch up on around here.  When will I ever catch up on it all?  All I really want to do right now is curl up under a blanket and hibernate for a while. It is only 18 degrees outside but thankfully the sun is shining.

I was tired of my page so I tried out the Xanga Themes.  This looks cute so I’ll leave it for a while.

Another catch-up day

I’m not very good at being a working woman, even if it is part time.  I am getting so behind on stuff.  Plus this is Rob’s last week home so trying to enjoy that time and also help him get things done that need to before he leaves.  I figure that after he is gone maybe I can get into some better schedule with my time. 

The weather is going to be in the 40’s today and I can’t wait!  At least I hope so, right now it is 26 so that doesn’t look good.  Yesterday I took Rob to the doctor because he has had a bad cough and congestion that wasn’t clearing up.  Diagnosis was sinus infection, maybe a little bronchitis, so he got some antibiotics and cough syrup, so that should clear up ok.  I’m glad we went, I would have hated to send him back to college being sick.  Today is my day off so we are going to go do a little shopping this afternoon for some things he needs.  Also other catch up stuff is doing some laundry, cleaning, etc etc.  Plus I need to write a newsletter to send out to the Bluebird Society.

I know I am still in a season of transition in my life, facing so much change it seems like.  I need to find my feet again.  I got a couple of good books about dealing with this stage of life, the empty nest, mid-life stuff, so I need to find more time to study about that.  Plus I know with my kids gone, and working, I am learning some things about myself that I don’t like very much, or at least things that are my weaknesses that I need to work on.  A devotional I read the other day emphasized Psalm 121:

I lift up my eyes to the hills- Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip –
He who watches over you will not slumber;
Indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
The LORD watches over you
The LORD is your shade at your right hand;
The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
The LORD will keep you from all harm –
He will watch over your life;
The LORD will watch over your coming and going
Both now and forevermore.

Psalm 121

I know I need to keep my eyes on God for my help, my identity, my strength.  These floundering feelings I have right now show me that I haven’t been doing that enough.  So I guess I’ll start right now and go sit down with my Bible for a while.  You all have a fantastic day!


Rob and I took a drive up to Chicago, to visit Jamie and Dan for a couple of days.  This deep freeze we are having is amazing.  Wowee.  Hopefully it will keep warming up a little at a time.  It is fun to be with all the kids for a while, and hear them talk and laugh together.   Next weekend Rob will be going back to CA and who knows how long it will be before I get this chance again. 

So thankful for the jet that survived landing in the river.  Ed was just on a flight from Charlotte to NY two weeks ago!  Same airline.  Scary stuff.

I was proud of President Bush with his farewell speech tonight. 

Ok, need some sleep!  Good night.

Catch-up day (not ketchup)


My new favorite picture.  Jamie (wearing the red sweatshirt I gave her!), me, Rob and Dan, at home in the kitchen, oh yeah, and Toby is peeking in there at the bottom.

I have the day off, so there is a lot to catch up on. Like this blog!!  So  I’ll try to get back on here today and post something about how the new year is going, or post some pictures, stuff like that.  My job just leaves me beat, spent, sometimes leaves me a little downhearted, so when I’m home I need a nap.  And then time online I check other people’s blogs and facebook, news, etc. 

Still enjoying having Rob home.  We are both getting haircuts today.  Boy does he ever need one!  I am going to ask to save one of his curls.  🙂  I think we are going to make a trip to a bookstore.  Yeah!  He wants a new book to read and I need a desk calendar.  It always bugs me how calendars disappear so quickly after January 1.  I did get a wall calendar, a Mary Engelbreit one.  Her pictures always lift my spirits.  Today I also need to catch up on some housework, and work on planning a bluebird meeting for February.  Speaking of birds, I enjoyed the Christmas Bird Count I went on last Saturday!  I got pretty cold!  But I learned a lot and had a nice time.  I realized that for all my bird knowledge and experience with bluebirds, I still am a beginner next to these serious bird watchers.  Also I learned that I seriously need a real good set of binoculars. 

The sun is shining, and there is a pretty snow, but it is COLD.  I need to go out and fill up the bird feeder and I am feeling very sorry I didn’t do it a couple of days ago when it was warmer.

How about a nice yellow background to brighten up things?