Catch-up day (not ketchup)


My new favorite picture.  Jamie (wearing the red sweatshirt I gave her!), me, Rob and Dan, at home in the kitchen, oh yeah, and Toby is peeking in there at the bottom.

I have the day off, so there is a lot to catch up on. Like this blog!!  So  I’ll try to get back on here today and post something about how the new year is going, or post some pictures, stuff like that.  My job just leaves me beat, spent, sometimes leaves me a little downhearted, so when I’m home I need a nap.  And then time online I check other people’s blogs and facebook, news, etc. 

Still enjoying having Rob home.  We are both getting haircuts today.  Boy does he ever need one!  I am going to ask to save one of his curls.  🙂  I think we are going to make a trip to a bookstore.  Yeah!  He wants a new book to read and I need a desk calendar.  It always bugs me how calendars disappear so quickly after January 1.  I did get a wall calendar, a Mary Engelbreit one.  Her pictures always lift my spirits.  Today I also need to catch up on some housework, and work on planning a bluebird meeting for February.  Speaking of birds, I enjoyed the Christmas Bird Count I went on last Saturday!  I got pretty cold!  But I learned a lot and had a nice time.  I realized that for all my bird knowledge and experience with bluebirds, I still am a beginner next to these serious bird watchers.  Also I learned that I seriously need a real good set of binoculars. 

The sun is shining, and there is a pretty snow, but it is COLD.  I need to go out and fill up the bird feeder and I am feeling very sorry I didn’t do it a couple of days ago when it was warmer.

How about a nice yellow background to brighten up things?


11 thoughts on “Catch-up day (not ketchup)

  1. Fantastic picture of you and the kidz, Christy! And you are looking especially good! So nice to see your smiling face.You should see the pretty Lang calendar my dad gave me for Christmas; I believe the artist is George Sloane. January 2009 has a lovely painting of a dad and his child driving a horse drawn sled in the snow through a covered bridge. Covered bridges always, always make me think of you, so whenever I’m in the kitchen (often! all those calories! -eek!) I say a prayer for you (at least SOME good is coming out of my peppermint fudge brownies binges! LOL!I like Mary Englebreit stuff, too. I have a number of IncrediMail email stationeries made with her art which a friend made.Happy Friday! Thanks for the prayers! Know that I appreciate you!Love,Chris


  2. Great new family picture, Christy!  Love your Peanuts jacket! 
    One of my sons took a short camera video of my crazy cardinal, who is still flying into my window.  I am going to post it soon, so you might want to see it!  Kind of funny, when you remember that the poor bird must not be harming himself!  LOL


  3. Hey, Christy!My word for you: CherishedJust seems like everyone around you must cherish you. You are loving and sweet and care so much about others. You also, from what I surmise enjoy life. Bet you’d be a joy to be around. hugs,tee


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