Rob and I took a drive up to Chicago, to visit Jamie and Dan for a couple of days.  This deep freeze we are having is amazing.  Wowee.  Hopefully it will keep warming up a little at a time.  It is fun to be with all the kids for a while, and hear them talk and laugh together.   Next weekend Rob will be going back to CA and who knows how long it will be before I get this chance again. 

So thankful for the jet that survived landing in the river.  Ed was just on a flight from Charlotte to NY two weeks ago!  Same airline.  Scary stuff.

I was proud of President Bush with his farewell speech tonight. 

Ok, need some sleep!  Good night.


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  1. :sunny: :wave: Hi Chris!  It was good to see your comment today!  I’m glad you like that music … I had it last year through a music site called Sonific, but they shut down, just like that, and my playlist was gone, 😥 but, I found some of the songs over on imeem!  I love those soothing sounds!  🙂  I want to say that I’m sorry I haven’t been over here in awhile!  I’ve not been very faithful about visiting anyone with so much going on, lately!  After this weekend, things should calm down, with only about 1 show per month, until late summer when it gets busy again.  I have so many things to do around here … declutter, purge … you name it!  We’re still hoping to move to that house we looked at over a year ago, now!  Boy, time has flown!  Ian’s been gone for over a year, and a half, and we’re just not sure when he’ll be back for good … neither does he!  God does, though!  Regarding those earthquakes … he just told me last night that there were 3 more shakers yesterday!  He’s a little concerned about it, but he says he’s not letting it bring fear to his heart.  We’re praying that God will keep him safe, if something does happen.  I know it’ll be difficult for you to see Rob go back … and going to see him, halfway through his semester, is a great idea!  We’re trying to figure out how we can arrange a time for us to go to see Ian, as well!  I’m not good at flying … way too claustrophobic!  😮  We’ll either drive, or take a train, but, I realize those would take time, which I’m not sure we’re going to have much of, with Lew’s schedule. God will work it all out … Ian told us he wasn’t even going to think about coming home to live, until we come out there to meet everyone!  It’s important to him, so, I’m praying that I can get over this thing about being in tight spaces!  I get this panicked feeling, even in an elevator!  Wonder if they make a pill, or something, for that?!!  I’ll be praying for Rob’s safe journey back, and for your heart when he leaves!  You have a good week, and stay warm, yourself!  <><


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