Let’s see, what now?

Took Rob to the airport and it was a lot harder than I expected.  I didn’t think I would cry but it hit me pretty hard.  I watched him go as far as I could.  He didn’t look back.

There is some kind of saying about how your child is like your heart that has been pulled out of your chest, living outside your body.

Now I have so much to catch up on around here.  When will I ever catch up on it all?  All I really want to do right now is curl up under a blanket and hibernate for a while. It is only 18 degrees outside but thankfully the sun is shining.

I was tired of my page so I tried out the Xanga Themes.  This looks cute so I’ll leave it for a while.


8 thoughts on “Let’s see, what now?

  1. I understand so much.  Every time we take our daughter back to here college I am surprised by the ache in my heart although I’m happy that she loves her life there.  Now my son is excitedly looking forward to leaving for college in August and I am pretty sure he won’t look back either.  


  2. @Happy_Mom_777 – Yep, it is the way life goes, right??  I feel better now, but it’s so hard letting him go.  Right before he walked off he said “Do something fun for me.”  I’m still not sure what he meant by that but I guess he felt bad that I was crying!  🙂


  3. It’s never easy to let them leave! I’ve had to let Ian go quite a few times since he’s been in CA, and it does not get any easier to see them walk away! I must say, though, that Ian does look back, and waves … I have pictures of that, but it’s still sad to look at him, looking back, but going forward! I feel like he’s leaving me behind, in more ways than one, every time! I’ve not heard that saying you mentioned, but I think I can relate it to how my heart feels at times! I do like your new look here! And about the snow … I just heard that we are not getting as much as they first thought! It figures … I love snow, and we just haven’t had enough of it yet, this year … at least where we live! Guess who I saw at the show this weekend! Rick Smits! He and his wife (?) came by my booth, and wow, is he ever tall! They were just wandering around looking at things, enjoying themselves. I’ve never seen him in person … but I did follow the Pacers back when he was playing … those were the days! He’s a very nice person! Well, you have a blessed week … and do something fun, for Rob! Ian has told me to go do something that makes me happy, too! I think they feel bad, that we feel bad! Know what I mean?! <><


  4. @Threads_of_Faith – Hi!  I saw Rik Smits at the gas station one time several years ago when he was still playing (he lives up hear around Zionsville.)  Wow, you don’t realize how tall they are until you stand next to them.  He had to duck to walk in the store.  He was nice and gave me his autograph.


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