Let it snow

We finally got the snow storm I was hoping for!  I called my boss and she told me I could stay home.  Yeah!!  Snow day!! I was actually getting ready to go in, a little late, but when she said I could stay home if I wanted to, she talked me into it.   Usually Thurs. is my day off, so I told her I’d come in tomorrow.  I’m glad because I have several things I really need to get done.  Plus I am planning to sit and goof off and look at the pretty snow, maybe put on my boots and take Toby out to play.  I’ll get some pictures, it’s beautiful. 

Biggest Snow In 10 Years Hits Central Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS — A winter storm dumped 11 inches of snow on Indianapolis, marking the city’s biggest snowfall in 10 years, and buried parts of central Indiana in as much as a foot of the white stuff.

Indianapolis International Airport recorded 11 inches of snow during the winter storm, the largest storm total since 1999, the National Weather Service said. As of 9 a.m., the storm system responsible for the wintry mess was pulling away, ending the snow from west to east and leaving Hoosiers to start digging out.


Other big news:

Hoosier Takes Home Miss America Crown

LAS VEGAS — Miss Indiana Katie Stam became the first Hoosier to be crowned Miss America during a live broadcast in Las Vegas Saturday night.

The 22-year-old Seymour-native takes home a $50,000 scholarship before embarking on a year of travel and public appearances.



10 thoughts on “Let it snow

  1. Yippy……    John & I were up at 6:00 to shovel out the driveway, Darci had to be at work at 6:40, then John left at 6:45 & made it in around 8:05.  I had Cait call to see if they were closed.  They’d already had 4 people call & say they couldn’t make it, so they REALLY needed her.    I had to take her over there.  We got stuck twice on one of the neighborhood roads, it took me 20 minutes JUST to get out of her parking lot, got stuck again on the same neighborhood road, & got home to say I WASN’T GOING ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!!  :nono: 
    I’M READY FOR SUMMER!!!!!  :sunny:


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