Remembering Mom

My mom passed away two years ago today.  I’m sure the blogs are still there from those days…it was a pretty hard time.  But today I am remembering some happy times and scanned some old photos!  I think these show her loving and fun spirit, which I hope that my siblings and I, and her grandkids, carry on!

momfur momnote

This note was on the back of this picture of Mom looking gorgeous in her fur stole!  1940’s


Mom and Dad 1940s


Mom with baby George, my brother.  1948 I think.


Mom with my sister Suzie.  I love this one.  World’s best Mommy!

There’s lots more pictures where these came from, when I get time!!


9 thoughts on “Remembering Mom

  1. Oh these are beautiful shots!!!  Love the boat one….How unique…Such a mood it sets!   Come hear my Moonlight Serenade playing, it goes so perfectly with your post here.  Thank you for sharing, such a sweet time, the 40s.  Such sweet looking parents you have.    


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