This is a picture from December, me and Lori…aka Journeyof7.  Hope you like this Lori!


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  1. :yes:It’s always a joy to meet another friend from here on Xanga, in person!  You two look so nice!  I’ve only met one so far, and, would be fun if we could meet, sometime, too!  I was catching up here, and I enjoyed looking at the photos of your mom … having those treasured moments forever on film is so special.  My sister is getting ready to move to Muncie, and she has all of our family’s pictures … I’m going to get them from her so I can scan them into the computer to share as well.  I’ll look forward to seeing more of yours, too.  My mother’s been gone for about 22 years now … her birthday is next week, the 28th … I still miss her alot.  I wish we could have spent more time together than what we did, to really get to know each other when I was older … I have some regrets about that, as life took us to different areas here in the state, but, it helps to know that we’ll be together again someday.  RYC: I’m glad you stopped by today … they did have some beautiful dogs there this past weekend.  Wish I had been able to get more photos of them!  About Lew’s friend and his son in Malawi … they had their shots, or pills, but still they got malaria!  We ‘re still waiting for word on how they’re doing.  I’m glad to hear that your Rob stayed healthy!  My son has been talking about going to Africa sometime later this year … if so, I’m going to be sure he takes what he needs!  Well, you have a wonderful day, Christy!  Enjoy the new snow … I’m looking forward to it!  We may not get as much as you, though, but even a small amount makes me happy! :spinning: Blessings ~ Deborah <><


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