I worked about 40 hours this week!  And I can really feel it.  My boss’s father died on Tuesday, so I filled in for her and worked every day.  Then I had meetings on Wed and Thurs nights.  So I am behind on housework, and behind on rest!  So I’m looking forward to the weekend to hopefully catch up on those.  It turned cold again, but I think this might be about the last of it and spring is almost here.  I might go around to my bluebird trail tomorrow and check the boxes, maybe put a couple new ones up and take a couple down and move them.  I haven’t seen a bluebird in a while so I’m ready.  They really give me joy.

I just sat down here to check email and take a break, while I have some beef stew cooking upstairs and it smells great.  One of the hard things about my job is that I do a lot of cooking, cleaning, etc etc all day, then when I get home I have to do the same thing, and by then I am a little tired of it!  I’m sure I’ll keep adjusting to it.

Yesterday afternoon I had a treat when I got home.  The phone rang, and it was our son calling from CA.  He said he had seen some bluebirds while he was walking to lunch, and it made him think about me!  I’m not sure what kind of bird it was, maybe a western bluebird.  But anyway, after I talked to him and hang up I cried.  That meant a lot to me, that he thought about me seeing those birds.  I miss him.   I’m hoping we might be able to take a quick trip out there to see him next month.  Have to wait and see.

Ok, that’s about it for now!


5 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. That would be great if you could go out to CA to see him. We’ll be driving to Indy to the airport Sun. to drop off our kids to catch a plane, and then we’ll go on down almost to Louisville. We’ll visit friends who own a blueberry farm in IN near the border. Our anniversary is Mon. so we thought a little trip was in order. We’ll probably head back home Tues.


  2. Thanks for dropping by, Chris.  I’m still under the weather, but I think I’m near the end of this … I hope!  I enjoyed reading this post … our son has called me like that before!  He called me one day, and told me he hadn’t told me how much he loved me in awhile, so he did!  And one day he was walking on the beach, and called me, told me he wished I was there with him to see it!  Oh yes, I cried! πŸ˜₯ He called us the other day, and said that he will be housesitting for a friend, May through August, and wants us to come stay for awhile.  His dad couldn’t stay more than 2 weeks, but I could stay longer.  We’re not sure if we’ll have the money to get there, but we’re praying that the Lord will work it all out.  I hope you get to go out there soon, too!  I’m not good at flying, is the only thing!  I neve have, and the thought scares me!  I have claustrophobia!  😦   I’ve thought about looking for some sort of job outside the home, besides selling soap … I remember when I did work those long hours, for an oral surgeon, I’d come home exhausted, and had no energy left for my home life, cooking, cleaning, etc.!  I do hope you can get some rest!  You have a good week … they say it’s going to feel like spring around here, so maybe you’ll get to see some of your bluebirds!  I have squirrels everywhere around here … that keeps the birds away, unfortunately!  Oh, one more thing … I remembered you liked John Denver, at least I hope I’m right … well, last night, on PBS, they were having their telethon, and they were showcasing him, going over his life, and music … I didn’t see it all, but I did get to hear him sing … I’ve always enjoyed his music.  I wanted to mention that to you, incase they repeat it … sometimes they do that from time to time.  πŸ™‚ ~ Deborah <><


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