Friday, phew

I feel like I am still tired from our trip.  I worked yesterday and today.  Right now I’m hoping I can take a little nap.  Tonight we are going to downtown Indy to see Chris Tomlin in concert.  Which means some great music + worship.

Here is a song by Chris that means a lot to me:


Back home again

in Indiana.

Things are greener already since last week when we left.

I am a little down…it was really hard to leave Rob again.  So much that I wonder why I went?  But I hope I’ll feel better pretty soon.  Rob is thinking about staying there for the summer. 

We visited Pasadena and all the places we lived.  Also visited the college we went to, which was a little traumatic for all that it represents to us.

So I have some processing to do.

It was fun to spend some time with Rob even though it wasn’t enough.  Got to meet some of his new friends.  Also visited Ed’s uncle, and went to the beach for a little while. I’m glad I have this day off of work to try to rest up and get my head back together!

We had a safe trip to CA.  Yesterday was pretty exhausting since I didn’t get much sleep, then got up at 4:30 am and traveled all day!  That three hour time difference is hard.  It is nice to be here and see Rob.  Today we visited the campus and met a few of his friends.  The sunshine is nice.  Might be cooler this weekend and a little rain.  We will probably visit the beach and maybe go up to Pasadena to our old stompin grounds.  Mostly just enjoying time with Rob.  Like today we took his car to get some gas and Ed and Rob washed his car.  We came to the motel and did a little swim and hot tubbin. 

That’s the report for now.

atagrandma, I went in the health center but the dr was busy, but I told them I was there to tell her hi from Indiana friends!

I just got home from work and now need to get busy. We are leaving tomorrow for CA to visit Rob.  I’ll try to check in from out there. We have a friend checking in here at the house and taking care of the cats.  Toby is going to the kennel which he loves.  He gets really excited when I drive there and I call it puppy camp!



I have had a pretty good week, a busy one.  So that is why I haven’t written anything, just have updated my facebook every day.

I finished my Habitat Steward training so now I am officially certified with the Natl. and Indiana Wildlife Federation!  That gave me a real sense of having accomplished something.  I cried even.  It would take me a while to explain so I’ll save that for another time.  I need to volunteer 30 hours working habitat type jobs, which can include bluebird stuff, plus other volunteering on projects in parks, etc, and working a project I might start myself, and other people’s.  It is just a volunteer position but I have learned alot in the 24 hour training.  It gave lots of ideas for our own yard!  Sometime I’ll do a post about creating backyard wildlife habitat, and how you can get your yard certified with the NWF!  It takes sources of food, water, cover for nesting and cover for protection. 

Today I had another meeting to go to, bleh! but a needed one, the Indiana Bluebird Society, I am on the board.  I hosted it at my husband’s office since we are centrally located for the people who had to come from different directions.  We accomplished a lot.  We only get together a couple of times a year to have these meetings and plan things.

Big news…Ed and I are going out to California this coming Thursday to visit our son  Rob!!  It worked out for us to go for a few days so it will be a nice break and a chance to see how he has settled into college, meet some of his friends, visit one of his classes, things like that.  Plus enjoy some CA sunshine and beaches.  Ed had some frequent flyer points so the flights out were almost free, can’t beat that!!  We really are in need of a little break.  Whew!!  Maybe this time we will drive up to Pasadena and see some of the places we lived and went to college.  I didn’t have the desire to do that back in August since I was already an emotional wreck dropping of my boy.  So maybe this time.

We are seeing the grass green up and things popping up out of the ground so it does feel like spring now.  Happy weekend everybody! 

Weekend happenings

It’s been in the 70’s today!!  But windy.  I had a Habitat Steward class all day, which included visiting some habitats and walking outside.  So nice.  Now Ed and I are getting ready to go to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, to hear the famous Andre Watts play Rachmaninoff’s Second which is beautiful!  Dan and I went to hear it a few years ago and that is a special memory of mine.  So, I gotta go get ready…my hair is really windblown from being outside!