We had a safe trip to CA.  Yesterday was pretty exhausting since I didn’t get much sleep, then got up at 4:30 am and traveled all day!  That three hour time difference is hard.  It is nice to be here and see Rob.  Today we visited the campus and met a few of his friends.  The sunshine is nice.  Might be cooler this weekend and a little rain.  We will probably visit the beach and maybe go up to Pasadena to our old stompin grounds.  Mostly just enjoying time with Rob.  Like today we took his car to get some gas and Ed and Rob washed his car.  We came to the motel and did a little swim and hot tubbin. 

That’s the report for now.

atagrandma, I went in the health center but the dr was busy, but I told them I was there to tell her hi from Indiana friends!


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  1. :wave: Hi, Christy! Hope you have a grand time in CA. I guess I will have to watch The Lawrence Welk Show alone tonight, unless you and Elisa (EliRiello of the Tattered list)can get it on California Public TV. Ha ha! Thank you for the Irish blessing email on St. Patty’s, begorrah! I enjoyed it! Wild Irish blessings on your dear head!


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