Friday, phew

I feel like I am still tired from our trip.  I worked yesterday and today.  Right now I’m hoping I can take a little nap.  Tonight we are going to downtown Indy to see Chris Tomlin in concert.  Which means some great music + worship.

Here is a song by Chris that means a lot to me:


5 thoughts on “Friday, phew

  1. :goodjob: I love this song!  I would love to have seen Chris Tomlin … I’m sure you were blessed! I need to pay more attention to the concerts going on … so, do you know who might be coming here next?!  RYC: Yes, we had a very interesting weekend with our car, and I’m so grateful that God watched over us!  There were some serious repairs they had to do … just got it back yesterday, and it seems to be running fine, thankfully!!  We’re heading for the homeschool convention, tomorrow.  We’re diehards :p … we love picking up books and CD’s there in the curriculum hall at a cheap price.  We find them in the used books booths … and, we know so many of the vendors that it’s become a yearly time of fellowship with them!  We enjoy a walk around downtown, too … although there is so much construction going on right next to where we’ll be, since they demolished the RCA Dome.  It’s still a big mess down there!  I know it will be nice once they get it all completed!  Well, you have a great day, Christy!  It’s a beautiful day for bluebirds, although they’re saying rain later, and tomorrow, along with lots of wind, then maybe snow(?)sometime this weekend!!  You just never know here, do you?!  *sigh*  Blessings <>< 


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