Tomorrow is the GardenFest at the Boone Co. Fairgrounds in Lebanon.  I will be there at the Bluebird Society Booth. The times are 9-3, and it’s a great place to get some gardening information, buy some plants, etc etc.  Should be a nice day!




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  1. Hope you have a lot of visitors to your booth!  Sounds like a fun weekend.  My cardinal is still flying into my family room window on a daily basis – and has been for about a year now.  Nothing seems to deter him.  At one point, I even had large “coffee table” sized books standing on the inside of my windows, I’ve hung streamers, chimes – nothing keeps him away.  It must not hurt his beak, so I’m fine with him being here!  He’s sort of a “free” pet!  LOL


  2. @Still_groovy – Hey Kathi, there is a product available, a bird decal, that is supposed to deter them from hitting the window.  It kind of looks like a hawk.  I saw some today at the Wild Birds Unlimited store, but you can probably find them online someplace.  There are even some that supposedly the birds can see and we can’t.
    @dingdongdingbat – We have all kinds of info about getting started with bluebirds, nesting boxes, etc etc and usually I have a bluebird video running.  I am so behind on getting everything together but I’m about done!


  3. @BluebirdChris – We have a bluebird house out and have had Mr. Bluebird come check it out a few times but I don’t think Mrs. Bluebird approves of it cause they just don’t seem to settle in and nest.  Maybe someday they will.  They are such a beautiful bird.


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