Birthday time

Today is Ed’s birthday!  Happy birthday dear.  We had a party last night for the family, since Ed and his two brothers all were born in April, John the 16th, Tom the 17th and Ed the 19th.  Not all the same year, ha.  Tom was one year before Ed, and John is 5 years younger than Ed.  So, we had everybody over for dinner and cake,  It was fun and little Avery had an exciting time (our great-niece.)  We also had a campfire and sat out in the yard for a while.  What a nice day.  There is nothing like spring time after a long winter.

I will be going to Zionsville this afternoon for the Z’Greenfest at the Zion Nature Center/Eagle Elementary,  I’ll have a booth about the Bluebird Society and talk bluebirds.  There will be lots of other conservation groups and food and music, celebrating Earth Day.  It is usually outdoors but because of the rain we will probably be in the school gym.  So I will be packing up my stuff in the van in a little while and heading over there to set up.  I have to miss church though.

While we were out in the yard last night, I noticed a bluebird going in and out of a box buiding a nest!  The female builds the nest.  I was able to catch sight of the male nearby.  I hope this nest will survive, because they built in this box last year and got booted out by a house wren!

Have a great Sunday everyone.


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