Going mushrooming today!  One of my favorite things, tromping around in the woods, listening to birds sing, the smell of the woods, the wildflowers, and hopefully the thrill of some nice patches of morels!  Oh yeah, and the sweet memories of Mom and Dad.

I have the chance for a new job, too, which is making me happy!  At Trader’s Point Creamery working in the store and giving tours.  It is a short and pretty drive from my home.  I’m excited.  You can read about it here:



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  1. That looks like such a neat place. We have to pick up friends near the airport in Indy a week from Wed. morning. Would that be on the way home for us? Maybe we could stop there for lunch if it is. Will the job be full or part time? Sounds like a great place to work.


  2. Sorry it has taken me a while to come read your site.
    I really like that dairy that you might work for. That was a great video about it. I try very hard at growing everything on my property organically. And maybe someday soon I will have my own little organic (goat) dairy. God bless


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