Got worn out hiking through 3 woods looking for mushrooms yesterday. I only found one, and Ed found a couple, so the timing wasn’t too good! But my family sent us home with all the ones they found so we’ll get to have a nice mess (that’s the lingo.) But got to see some cool birds and flowers…..Ed found a turkey vulture nest with two eggs. Pics to come.


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  1. @GrannyHummingbird – Ed spooked the bird off the dead tree that the nest was in, and it startled him!  He hadn’t noticed the bird there!  Then as we were checking it out the vultures were flying circles up above so we were keeping an eye out for them!  The rest of the day, every time we saw one, we kidded Ed that they were still after him.


  2. @BluebirdChris – You still didn’t answer my question.   (WARNING)  If you’re eating, don’t read any further. 
    We had some that took up residence in an old barn loft we had…..since been torn down……Dale had straw in the loft.  Nephew, Butch, needed some to take to the fair grounds.  When he and a friend got up there to get the straw, a turkey vulture was sitting on her nest.  They had already loaded quite a bit of straw, but I guess Butch got a little closer than she would allow and she vomited toward him!!!  The friend loves telling the story on Butch, because he has a weak stomach, had to leave the loft, and the friend had to finish loading the straw.  The stench was so awful, with all the road kill it had been eating.  
    I know……..TMI……..MUCH MORE than you wanted to know!!!  (o;  But I DID warn you!!!


  3. If you get many of those sponge mushrooms, invite me over, and I’ll help ‘ya eat ’em!!!    (o;     A bit too cold here, still.   And we usually find them when the May apples are in bloom  and  I’m not sure they’ve peeked through yet, let alone be in bloom.  (o;
    I LOVE those things.  Wish I could get enough at one time, some time to make me sick on them……maybe I wouldn’t crave them so much. 


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