A little confused here

Hi!  I mentioned about the job at Traderspoint Creamery.  Today I spent a few hours there working in the store as a little training and orientation. I haven’t officially started there.  Boy that was some hard work!  So, this afternoon after I got home from other errands, I thought I had better check back in with the owner of the Wild Birds Unlimited store who I had talked to a couple of weeks ago.  To my surprise they want to hire me also.  I knew they were interested but I never heard back from them, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to drive up to the location where they need help right now.  There is a store over here, south of Zionsville near where Ed works.  The 2nd store is up in Carmel/Westfield, 146th street.  Although I don’t really want to drive that far it might be worth it to get my foot in the door.  They really like me and want me to work there since I already have a bunch of bird knowledge.  So I called back the lady at TPC, who has been SO nice to me!  She said it was totally fine with her if I want to check out the WBU and take a few days to think about it. She is great.  So I’m a little confused and trying to decide.  It was good spending some time there today because it really showed me more of what the job entails.  I’m going to call the WBU folks in the morning and ask if I can come over and spend some time there too.

So I guess I will figure it out and I’m thankful I have a choice!  🙂  Crazy! 


The bluebird nest here has 4 eggs and the one at the cemetery has five.  I need to get around and check my other boxes too. We have a bluebird meeting next Tues in Lebanon.  Also we have a couple of Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks here and I love it!  They are gorgeous and are out at the feeder all the time.  I’ve seen them before but usually they just pass through.  This time they came and stayed so they must be nesting.   I accidentally put this yellow highlight on here and can’t get rid of it, so I guess I’ll leave it!  I still haven’t had a chance to get pictures off my camera from the latest events but I’ll try to do that soon. 


8 thoughts on “A little confused here

  1. Oh, I had one of those pretty guys on my feeder this morning too.  My neighbor told me three days ago, that she’d seen one, but I guess I hadn’t been watching at the right time.  Last year, it was great fun to watch them on the suet cake, hanging in front of my kitchen window.
    and I’m wishing you good luck, on whichever job you finally choose. 


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