I have worked the last three days, about 5 hours each day.  So today I have some more catching up to do.  Mainly I need to try to uncover the inside of the house, which is covered with a lot of stuff thanks to Rob’s return!  We need to figure out where we are going to put all his stuff.  Ugh, I am so disorganized.  I need to find some time to do something fun.  I am still enjoying my job but my feet really hurt!  There is a lot to learn there.  I work about 4 hours tomorrow.

I found this video last night.  Another John Denver!  This is one of my favorites.  When I lived in CA I would listen to this song and cry with homesickness.  It pops in my head when I am bringing in flowers from the yard too.  Enjoy it.


Here is a sunshiney video for the Doris Day and John Denver fans.  I couldn’t believe this when I found it!  It’s cute, the dancing is a little hokey, ha!   Jerry, this is your fault for posting the Doris Day related video this weekend.  Hope you enjoy this cousin Kathy!!  Happy Memorial Day to all and remembering all who served and gave all.

Rob is on his way home!  He drove all the way from So. Cal. to Amarillo, TX last night, and today he is going try to make the 2nd half.  I can’t wait to get him home!

I love to hear this every year, and it always makes me cry!  The “Back Home Again” tradition at the Indy 500! We didn’t go to the race this year so right now we are watching the replay. 

This song was on my mind, and I’m so happy to find this video to share with you!  The Garden Song, by John Denver with the Muppets.

Busy day…dog woke me up at 7:00 am (Thanks Toby,) did some laundry, made phone calls, got ready, drove to Lebanon, went to the ATM, gas station, bank (bluebird business,) picked up Becky, drove to Zionsville, attended Teen Challenge tea, drove Becky back to Lebanon, went to the IGA, drove to Boone Co Fairgrounds to check bluebird box/tree swallows in it, and met a lady there who needed b.bird boxes. My fun life!

Day to celebrate

I have had a cold the last few days and have felt awful.  But today I’m getting ready to drag myself off to my LAST day of work at the General Store.  I am so happy to be done with this job.  It has been a challenge, for sure.  I’m glad I had the experience, I learned a lot, good and bad, and things about people. How to work for a boss who can be a little difficult, and still try to keep my self respect.  I learned I am not cut out for being a short order cook.  I learned how to make a pretty good pizza and sandwich.  I just don’t like having to make them in a hurry, in a tiny kitchen that is NOT set up for it at all.  I enjoyed greeting people who came in, and getting to know them.  It gave me good experience to carry on to my new job at the Wild Birds Unlimited store.  I am so thankful to God for the guidance and help he’s given me these last 6 months. I am still amazed at how these other jobs opened up at just the right time. It was through just plain willpower and faith that I kept going there the last few months!