Day to celebrate

I have had a cold the last few days and have felt awful.  But today I’m getting ready to drag myself off to my LAST day of work at the General Store.  I am so happy to be done with this job.  It has been a challenge, for sure.  I’m glad I had the experience, I learned a lot, good and bad, and things about people. How to work for a boss who can be a little difficult, and still try to keep my self respect.  I learned I am not cut out for being a short order cook.  I learned how to make a pretty good pizza and sandwich.  I just don’t like having to make them in a hurry, in a tiny kitchen that is NOT set up for it at all.  I enjoyed greeting people who came in, and getting to know them.  It gave me good experience to carry on to my new job at the Wild Birds Unlimited store.  I am so thankful to God for the guidance and help he’s given me these last 6 months. I am still amazed at how these other jobs opened up at just the right time. It was through just plain willpower and faith that I kept going there the last few months! 


7 thoughts on “Day to celebrate

  1. Hope you get to rest and get over your cold this weekend. Would you believe we got lost Wed. and never did find the Creamery? We ended up eating lunch at Cracker Barrel in Kokomo. It didn’t help any that it was raining. Oh well, maybe next time.


  2. I happy for you that it’s your last day at you job that you don’t like, and I’m happy that you found a better one. I hope today go really fast for you. 😆


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