This song was on my mind, and I’m so happy to find this video to share with you!  The Garden Song, by John Denver with the Muppets.


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  1. Hi Christy! I too love your new background – so summer soft and whisper breezy!I too loved the video and miss John Denver. I even miss the style of his glass frames! ::gasp!:: Funny you should post “The Garden Song”; I have been listening to the Peter, Paul, and Mary version of it this week! I’ve been listening to tons and bunches and hordes of Peter, Paul, and Mary!Will have to get all of my dad’s John Denver CDs out and rip them to my computer this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!Love you, chickadee! So glad for you about your job and about your little baby granddaughter who is growing  day by day. When is Jamie’s due date? Please know that I keep Jamie, Dan, Baby, Rob, you, and Ed in my regular prayers.God bless you, Kiddo!~Chris


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