Not much new!  I am still enjoying my job, learning a lot.  And still working on laundry and housework and never seeming to get to a “finished” point but I keep plugging!  We are going to the symphony this weekend, hopefully Fri night.  I asked Rob if he wants to go with us, since he just took Music Appreciation, and he said “yea, that might be fun.”  Wow!  His 2nd semester grades are 4 A’s, still waiting news about the 5th.  I’m really proud of him and also thankful for answered prayers.


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  1. I know how you feel, our job is never done right? : )  The symphony…  *sweetness*  It’s nice just going ya know?  Just the surroundings and such…  Neat memories.  So glad to hear your son is doing so well in school, that is great!


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