Change is hard

Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days…do I always start out that way?  Anyway, I keep up with Facebook, and even Twitter now and then, and come over here and read my subs, but then I don’t feel like writing anything.  Laziness.

I am still enjoying my job at Wild Birds Unlimited and learning a lot.  It can be challenging sometimes but I like it.  I usually have some fun stories to come home and tell my family.

Ed, Rob and I went to the Indianapolis Symphony on Fri night and it was wonderful!!!!  Really beautiful, joyful, moving music.  The conductor was mesmerizing to watch.  One of the pieces was the Overture from Romeo and Juliet, and also Pictures at an Exhibition.  Russian music night.  It was great and it was a nice night out in downtown Indy.

It’s good having Rob home from college.  He is working at Fanimation in the warehouse where there has been a lot to do.  Also he has an interview at Best Buy on Wed.  He needs a haircut, BAD.  🙂

Dan and Jamie are coming to visit on Thurs, for a few days.  I am really excited about that and I’m trying to get the house ready and their guest room cleaned up.  Cleaning, always cleaning.

I have had the joy of finding baby bluebirds in three boxes over the last week, which always makes me happy happy happy.  Mom bluebird has been coming to get mealworms at the feeder in my yard every day and I also LOVE that. There are four babies in the box here at our house.  I am just enjoying the spring/summer green scenery everyplace I look.  Today I accidentally scared a baby bluebird out of it’s nestbox, which I have never done before, and which I am always warning other people to be careful about!  Yikes!  I got him or her back in the box and hopefully it stayed put.  The mom bluebird was clicking at me and divebombing my head.  I feel bad.  Hopefully it will be fine.  This is a box at a nearby golf course, and there was only one baby. When I checked it a few days ago, there was the one baby and one unhatched egg.  I stopped there today to see if the unhatched egg was still there, and wasn’t thinking very well when I poked around to see, and scared that baby and it started flopping and flying around in the box!  Stupid me!  I should know  better and I just wasn’t thinking.  You need to be careful when the babies are close to fledging because you can scare them out too soon.  I think this guy will be ok though.  I’m glad there was only one.

So about the title of this blog.  I am slightly feeling blue about all the change I am still going through in  my life.   I guess it is growth pains. So much has happened in the last year, and I just don’t feel very settled.  But getting used to a new job and all the people is one thing.  Then also the knowledge that Dan and Jamie are moving to Colorado in a few weeks has been hard on me.  They are coming to visit but it’s sad knowing it will be their last time here for a long time.  So I’m trying to remind myself to breathe and live one day at a time.  Time for trusting God and remembering all he’s done for us.

Like, Rob got all A’s in his 2nd semester.  And a year ago I was in a panic over how he’d do in college.  Kind of amazing.


4 thoughts on “Change is hard

  1. I agree……….change is hard.  It’s good to know Jesus never changes, and He loves us.I don’t think the bluebirds have found the house on the windmill yet.  Glad you’re enjoying your job.


  2. Boy, I can relate to the adjustments of changes. Hard training ground that I trust produces better character in us. Think of the lovely vacations you will have in the future to Colorado, though! One must gather consolation where it hides!Grace and God’s peace to your heart!


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