I found out the Fanimation video is just part of a video in progress, so it’s not finished yet!   Stay tuned.

I got a cortisone shot in my foot today.  That really hurt!  But I think it will help.  I had surgery last year to removed a bone spur on my big toe joint.  That area has really been hurting me and walking has been painful.  So I finally made it back in to the foot doctor today.  He said he thinks it is scar tissue that has caused an adhesion of the tendon.  The cortisone shot will help loosen that up again.  It already seems to help a little but I am going back in a week to see if I need any more.  I hope I can walk pain free again soon.

Tomorrow afternoon I am getting some baby chicks!  About 7 to be exact.  They are about 10 days old.  I will report more about that tomorrow.  I’m up too late again!


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  1. I know how that hurts! I’ve had 3 cortisone shots in my right heel, for pain caused by a heel spur. It literally feels like they are ripping your ankle apart when the shot goes in.


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