Well, I’m in the chicken business now.  Hopefully!  I met this great lady named Anne when she came in to the Wild Birds store last week.  She was buying mealworms to feed to chicks, and I told her I wanted to get some.  She offered to give me some of the shipment she was getting in!  So today I went and picked up seven from her at her cute farm.


When I pulled in the first thing I saw was this peacock strutting for the chickens!  I was amazed at the sound he was making, shaking his feathers.


I loved this hen and chicks all cuddled up.  Do you see the one peeking out from under her wing?


Some kind of rare chickens I forget the name of.


Guinea hens were running around the yard.


Donkeys and horses.


Here are the new chicks, 10 days old.


Anne had seven picked out for me.


Here is Rob helping me put some cardboard inside the crate, back at our house.


Toby is so curious about these little peepers!


Crate is ready!


Rob holding one of the Buff Orpingtons.


In their new home.


They are Barred Rock (1), Buff Orpington (2), Ameraucana (1), and Austrolop (3.) I think…ha!  I’m a little mixed up but I think I remember which are which!  They’re cute. I hope I don’t kill them!



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  1. I’ve made the comment, in the past, that I’d like to have some too,…..probably just White Rocks, but I know when they got old enough to let run, the coyotes would take care of them in double time.  Those ar so cute.


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