Life changes again!

We are in Chicago.  Tomorrow we are helping to load a moving van for our son Dan and his wife Jamie, so they can move to Denver.  I was doing ok until I got here and saw all those boxes and it started to hit me again.  I am really excited for the and for Jamie’s family in Denver.  I know it’s going to be great for them.  I am just going to be sad for a while, to see them leaving.  It’s going to be a hot day and a lot of work!  We just had dinner at an Irish restaurant/pub that was really good.  They wanted to take us there to thank us for our help.  Jamie’s mom and dad are here too so it was fun.  I had some delicious authentic fish & chips.


7 thoughts on “Life changes again!

  1. You are going through so many life changes lately, Christy.  I know it must be difficult to constantly adjust.  Hang in there and be flexible, sweet thang.  I know I’ll have to do the same very soon.  t


  2. It’s a difficult time.  I wish the very best for all of you.  And…I know what you are going through.  Our kids and grands are scattered although right now  most of them are in IN…where I would like to be!We live in such a large country and move around so much.  Sometimes, I wish we could all remain close by to those we love but…it’s so rare.God Bless!Fran


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