Mr. Gillan

I went to visit my dear old friend Bob Gillan of Thorntown, IN at the nursing home today.  He has been a mentor to me about bluebirds, and lots of other things.  He is 92 years old and has continued to do a lot, but now he has cancer and is not doing well and just this week has gone to the nursing home.  I should add he is one of the main people who has taught me about bluebirds, but also lots of other things. A truly amazing individual.  Boy the stories I have listened to about his life growin up on a farm, about his years in WWII, being a farmer, pilot, ham radio operator, and a teacher!
Here is a little video of him.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Gillan

  1. It seems as if he has led a very rich life.  We can learn so much from older people such as your friend.I hope and pray that he doesn’t have to suffer.


  2. How sweet of you to visit him! And how great that he shared so any stories with you! There is so much to learn from our friends… you should write some of it down!


  3. I was going to suggest the same thing as beadbrat.  Those precious stories should be written down.  One by one, they disappear from our lives.  I, being 75, often think of something, and wish there were someone older than I, to ask, but it’s come to the time in life, when I’M the old one, and no one LEFT to ask!! 


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