Showing my chickens to Rob, nephew David and Gr-niece Josie.

I promise I will catch up on here pretty soon!  Lots happening…family reunion, work, fair coming up.  My mom would call this “a lick and a promise” when you did a little cleaning up but didn’t have time for it all!  Here’s a few pictures:’


Reading to Josie.  One of the few times she let me hold her!  She was always on the move.  1 1/2 years old, my brothers granddaughter.


Josie in the clover in our yard.



Me with my brothers George, Bob and sister Suzie.  The first time in 12 years we were all in the same place at the same time!  We had a burial for my mom and dad’s urn.


Six of my parents’ nine grandchildren…cousins!!


My lovely great-nieces, Josie, Katelin and Adelynn.  My parents’ three gr-granddaughters.  Wish they could see this, they’d love it.


She is a little doll.



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