This is my brother-in-law Tom, on Indy tv this morning talking about the new fan museum opening today. 

Fanimation: Fan museum opens in Zionsville

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Tim ‘Treeboy’ Bush/Eyewitness News

For those who are addicted to the calming sound of a fan, there is a museum dedicated to fans opening Thursday in Zionsville.

“Fanimation”, the host for the Antique Fan Collectors Association museum, showcases fans from all over the world and from various time periods.

“We have battery operated fans from the early 1880s, water powered fans, alcohol powered fans, steam powered fans,” said Fanimation’s Tom Frampton, who has been designing fans since he was a child.

About one third of the collection belongs to Frampton, but the rest of the fans are loans from the Association’s membership of nearly 475 people. But Frampton said this totals to a very small amount of fans represented.

“There are over 600 manufacturers of fans, and only about 60 represented here,” he said.

Located just west of Michigan Road and off of 106th Street in Zionsville, the public is invited to the museum’s grand opening which begins at 5 pm and includes a ribbon cutting ceremony at 6 pm.


Link to video (I tried to use the code to embed it but it doesn’t want to work.)




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