Rob got his wisdom teeth out this morning so I am keeping watch over him.  He has been sleeping all afternoon.  He’s eating some yogurt right now, seems to feel ok for the moment.  Tonight I go out to the fair for a while then tear the booth down, yeah!! 

I work tomorrow afternoon, then Sat morning open Westfield store by myself for the first time.  I had myself worried thinking that was tomorrow morning!  Phew, scratch that.

We decided to go out to Denver when the baby is 2 or 3 weeks old.   It makes me really sad to miss the birthday but it is more logical this way.  Being logical stinks.  But I have a job to think of now.  Dang.  I guess I need to start shopping for a “Long distance grandparenting” book.



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  1. Boy, do you ever have YOUR hands full!!!   I have to tell you how dumb we were, when my son Dale, got HIS wisdom teeth taken out.  He hadn’t had anything to eat, before going, of course, so on the way home, he decided he wanted a milk shake.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!   I stopped and got a milkshake for him, he began sucking it through the straw and WHAMBO!!!  The suction started the bleeding all over again!!!  Bled like a stuck hog, all the way home!!!


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