Today actually went somewhere for a change! We went to Prophetstown State Park near Lafayette, IN, explored the history and walked around, rode bikes, then went to the Tippecanoe Battleground memorial, finished by eating at Cracker Barrel. A fun day! Just worried about Rob, he doesn’t have “the flu” thankfully but whatever it is is pretty bad. He went to the ER to see Dr. last night, got tests and an IV of fluids, and prescriptions. Get well fast Rob!  Not a happy way to start his 2nd year of college.


More pictures of Evalyn

The correct spelling is Evalyn Jane.  I wasn’t sure until yesterday when I talked to them.  They are going to call her Eva for short, so they decided to spell Evalyn with an “a.”  Then they wanted a middle name, one syllable.  Jane means God’s grace.  Very beautiful and fitting.

I guess pictures will have to do until we can get out there in two weeks!  Yesterday I spent some time talking with them on the computer with the Skype program, which lets us see each other and talk over the computer.  I took the last few pictures on here while doing that…it’s a neat program.  We are going to do it again tonight so GrandDad Ed can get a look at her too!  Talked to Dan today, things are still going ok and they are just very thankful to God for the many blessings.  Thanks to friends and family for prayers and well wishes!

Edit:  It still hasn’t quite sunk in that my son is a daddy!  I just keep looking at this picture.  🙂  When he called me after she was born, I heard him say to Jamie “We get to keep her!”


Video call snapshot 14

Video call snapshot 33

Video call snapshot 36

Video call snapshot 50


We have a baby!! Our granddaughter Evalyn Jane was born this morning 2:03 am, 6 lbs., 4oz., 19 in. Jamie did great and feeling well but tired. Welcome to the world baby girl.  This is the first picture I’ve seen, sent from Jamie’s dad.  So hopefully lots more to come today!


Rob made it to CA, he visited Dan & Jamie for a few days.

Still waiting on the baby to make an appearance!

Went to Colts game on Thurs night and they won.  Had fun.

Not a lot else to report!  Having fall like weather in August and I like it!  Making some progress on my granny squares.  Feeling a little blue but I will get through it.

Our first grandchild is due one week from today.  Amazing, now I am getting nervous everytime the phone rings.  Downside, they’re in CO and we’re in IN.  But we are going out Sep 10 so she’ll be here in time for my birthday.

Rob left today.  He is driving back to CA for his second year of college so the car was loaded up. He’s stopping in Denver to visit Dan & Jamie and hoping the baby comes early to meet her uncle Rob.  So, my heart is aching today.  Part of my heart is heading west again.   It isn’t as hard as last year, that’s for sure, but still hard to deal with again.  It’s been a very stressful week so now maybe things can settle down around here a little bit. 

Trying to start on a granny sqaure afghan for the baby but haven’t had time to really get going, and also having trouble deciding for sure on the colors but I will get it done. It’s fun when you get past the frustrating part of getting started.  I don’t do it enough so it seems like I am re-learning everytime I get going again!

So, God please help me to push on forward and figure out who I am and find peace with it.

I have been having stress…lots to do, plan.. worrying about stuff way too much, etc etc.  Not enough sleep, then I stayed up late again last night finishing a newsletter for the IN bluebird society.  I really need to slow down and count my blessings and rest my mind.  Thankfully a lot of things have gotten finished this week, and also I have stuff ready to start crocheting an afghan for the grandbaby.  So I think that will help me relax, to sit and do that and be creative.  That always gives me a lift. 

Time for a little nap and then maybe crocheting.