I have been having stress…lots to do, plan.. worrying about stuff way too much, etc etc.  Not enough sleep, then I stayed up late again last night finishing a newsletter for the IN bluebird society.  I really need to slow down and count my blessings and rest my mind.  Thankfully a lot of things have gotten finished this week, and also I have stuff ready to start crocheting an afghan for the grandbaby.  So I think that will help me relax, to sit and do that and be creative.  That always gives me a lift. 

Time for a little nap and then maybe crocheting.




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  1. Good idea.  We took our kids to Indy Mon.  They flew to FL for vacation.  On the way home we found the Creamery, ate lunch there and walked around a bit.  Brought home some cheese and yogurt.  Now my husband wants to take a cooler to bring back more when he goes back to pick them up.  (I won’t go with him then.)  We especially like the yogurt.


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