First anniversary

One year ago today our son Dan married sweet Jamie.  It was a beautiful, gorgeous day and such a blessed wedding.  Now we wait for grandchild number one coming later this month!

wedding prayer




6 thoughts on “First anniversary

  1. Seems like only yesterday!!!That archway looks very similar to the one in my back lawn, where my grand-daughter will be married next Saturday.  Mine is made of 2 cattle panels, 4 or 5 feet wide, maybe the arch opening is 7 feet across, and 7 or 8 feet tall.  The clematis seems to be green up again a bit.   I LOVE the hands on during the prayer!!!   Going to mention it to Jackie, and show her this.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO THE KIDS!!!!


  2. @GrannyHummingbird How fun to have a wedding at your house!  The wedding prayer for Dan and Jamie was her parents, a couple that was very close friends, my husband and I and also two people from their church.  Jamie’s dad prayed, then one one the friends, then my husband, all asking God’s blessings in their lives.  Ed prayed for “lot’s of little Framptons, ha, which is being answered already!  🙂  It was very sweet.


  3. Ahhhh.  What a joy.  The first grandchild..Always such a momentous happening.  You have a lot to look forward to.Congratulations on the First Anniversary..Doesn’t seem possible, does it?


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