Our first grandchild is due one week from today.  Amazing, now I am getting nervous everytime the phone rings.  Downside, they’re in CO and we’re in IN.  But we are going out Sep 10 so she’ll be here in time for my birthday.

Rob left today.  He is driving back to CA for his second year of college so the car was loaded up. He’s stopping in Denver to visit Dan & Jamie and hoping the baby comes early to meet her uncle Rob.  So, my heart is aching today.  Part of my heart is heading west again.   It isn’t as hard as last year, that’s for sure, but still hard to deal with again.  It’s been a very stressful week so now maybe things can settle down around here a little bit. 

Trying to start on a granny sqaure afghan for the baby but haven’t had time to really get going, and also having trouble deciding for sure on the colors but I will get it done. It’s fun when you get past the frustrating part of getting started.  I don’t do it enough so it seems like I am re-learning everytime I get going again!

So, God please help me to push on forward and figure out who I am and find peace with it.


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  1. I am praying for you.  We are glad our grandbaby came 5 days early, and no complications.  I’m going to take my mom to see her today, if it stops raining long enough.  How’s the job going?  How many hours a week are you working?


  2. @ata_grandma – My daughter-in-law would love for the baby to come early!!  I know I will be ok, just one of those bumps in the road emotionally as a mom, and as a human being, ha!  My job is going fine, I work about 16 to 20 hours a week.@Still_groovy – Kathi, I can’t wait to see her and I’m a little sad I won’t see her until she is two or three weeks old. but I’m excited.


  3. How exciting about the baby. Congratulations. Just said a prayer for you with the new school year starting. When all the parents come and drop off their kids here, I always imagine what it must be like for them.


  4. I have a baby afghan started, that I started several years ago, while waiting in the hospital for a friend in surgery.  I’d made several before that, including adult afghans, but I’ve NEVER finished that one!!!  


  5. You will love being a grandma, are first one moved 600 miles away when she was 18 month old and then when her sister was born we did not get to see her to she was six weeks old so i feel for you, but with God help you will be okay just tell them to send lots of picture  Blessing to you


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