More pictures of Evalyn

The correct spelling is Evalyn Jane.  I wasn’t sure until yesterday when I talked to them.  They are going to call her Eva for short, so they decided to spell Evalyn with an “a.”  Then they wanted a middle name, one syllable.  Jane means God’s grace.  Very beautiful and fitting.

I guess pictures will have to do until we can get out there in two weeks!  Yesterday I spent some time talking with them on the computer with the Skype program, which lets us see each other and talk over the computer.  I took the last few pictures on here while doing that…it’s a neat program.  We are going to do it again tonight so GrandDad Ed can get a look at her too!  Talked to Dan today, things are still going ok and they are just very thankful to God for the many blessings.  Thanks to friends and family for prayers and well wishes!

Edit:  It still hasn’t quite sunk in that my son is a daddy!  I just keep looking at this picture.  🙂  When he called me after she was born, I heard him say to Jamie “We get to keep her!”


Video call snapshot 14

Video call snapshot 33

Video call snapshot 36

Video call snapshot 50



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