Today actually went somewhere for a change! We went to Prophetstown State Park near Lafayette, IN, explored the history and walked around, rode bikes, then went to the Tippecanoe Battleground memorial, finished by eating at Cracker Barrel. A fun day! Just worried about Rob, he doesn’t have “the flu” thankfully but whatever it is is pretty bad. He went to the ER to see Dr. last night, got tests and an IV of fluids, and prescriptions. Get well fast Rob!  Not a happy way to start his 2nd year of college.


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  1. I don’t know too much about your son’s being sick, but I wish someone had mentioned this when my daughter was sick in college – she ended up having mono, then all my girls got it – long story there.  But she was soooo sick.  I’m guessing that maybe the tests he got were for that as well.  Hope he feels better soon.  And congratulations on the birth of your adorable grandbaby!


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