Happy days

We are in Denver, CO visiting our son Dan and his wife Jamie, and our new granddaughter Evalyn.  She is a little beauty, so perfect and beautiful.  I am really enjoying doing some bonding with her!  I was holding her with her head on my shoulder, and when I started singing “For Baby” to her, she lifted up her head to try to look at me! I was so surprised, only two weeks old.  I am taking gobs of pictures of her.

And today is my birthday, so it was a special treat to be here.  Jamie’s mom fixed us a fantastic dinner and they got me a cake and some presents.  It’s been really nice.  It was a little rainy today so we didn’t go anywhere, but we are planning to do a little hiking. I just did a little shopping today and just goofed off. 

Dan beat us all at Boggle tonight, surprise!  I taught him to play when he was young and now he always beats everybody pretty badly.  If he isn’t around I am usually the winner.  🙂

It’s very nice out here, I could get used to it!


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