Tomorrow some friends are moving their two mini-horses and a pony into our barn. Should be fun! I hope I won’t be sorry, ha. I tell ya we are becomng a little ranchette.

I went out to the barn last night to shut the chickens in. They were snuggled up together on their roost. I like to pet them and tell them good night, and they cluck and talk to me. It is such a nice night that I sat out on my swing in the yard for a while. “Farm living is the life for me!” 😛

I know, I’m way behind on updating here but I’ll get to it!  Probably will need to post some pictures of the horsies and the chickens this weekend!

Two weeks until I am in Denver and get to love on my grandbaby Eva Jane!!

I just realized I never posted pictures on here of our last trip!  Here are a few:


She is a beauty.



With her Granddad, or Papaw, we can’t decide!


Best birthday present ever.


Hiking in Boulder, Dan and I.


At the Rocky Mtn. Natl Park.





Dan’s birthday

  Today is our son Dan’s 24th birthday.  He has grown into an amazing young man, who loves God and who’s filled with a loving and serving spirit.  He’s gone from my little boy to a husband and a daddy.  I’m so proud and I love you Dan!!





IMG_0754 Video call snapshot 14

The Colts are on and I’m getting ready to sit and watch!!  Had a nice gorgeous fall day here in Indiana.  Spent some time in the yard planting a few things I had sitting around and cleaning up some things.  The chickens came over to the yard from the barn and visited me!  Loved that, and I brought out some mealworm treats for them.  They are so pretty now and we are hoping for some eggs soon.  I need to take some new pictures of them.

Ok, Colts, showtime!  One of our pastors is a Colts chaplain so we have fun looking for him on the sidelines too.

Visit to Brown County, Indiana


Ed said “this is redneck perfume” which I thought was pretty funny so I took a picture! That’s maple syrup if you dont’ know.

Following are pictures from Brown County State Park, Indiana, which is south of Indianapolis in the lovely hilly part of Indiana.  Very famous for fall colors, which right now aren’t peaking yet but it was still nice.  These are some pictures from a hike on trail 10 which was 2.2 miles, marked rugged but it wasn’t too bad,  But I got a good workout!!


Sassafras tree




Nice log


Reflecting pool 


October sky


Box turtle!


Vista where we sat and read for a while



28 years married and we don’t look any older!




My pardner in Nashville, Indiana!

28th anniversary


We had a wonderful 28th annversary on a gorgeous fall day. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and went to Brown Co. State Park for a hike and a drive enjoying the park and the vistas. Fall colors haven’t peaked yet. Had some supper in Nashville, looked in a couple of shops, then headed home. Thanks for all the nice wishes friends!! OH yeah, and the Colts won, whoot.