Visit to Brown County, Indiana


Ed said “this is redneck perfume” which I thought was pretty funny so I took a picture! That’s maple syrup if you dont’ know.

Following are pictures from Brown County State Park, Indiana, which is south of Indianapolis in the lovely hilly part of Indiana.  Very famous for fall colors, which right now aren’t peaking yet but it was still nice.  These are some pictures from a hike on trail 10 which was 2.2 miles, marked rugged but it wasn’t too bad,  But I got a good workout!!


Sassafras tree




Nice log


Reflecting pool 


October sky


Box turtle!


Vista where we sat and read for a while



28 years married and we don’t look any older!




My pardner in Nashville, Indiana!


5 thoughts on “Visit to Brown County, Indiana

  1. Well, I finally made it back to XangaVille! Lol! I’ve missed being here, so I’m working my way down my sublist to catch up, and I even posted an update! I love your photos! Like I said on FB … it was a beautiful day for a trip to Brown County, and for your 28th Wedding Anniversary! Love that Redneck Perfume … only I use that syrup in my coffee, when I have it there! It’s better than sugar! And I usually have a couple extra bottles to take home … don’t want to leave those sitting on the table! We’re due for a trip to Brown County, and to Cracker Barrel … soon!! You have a great week, Christy!Blessings ~ Deborah <><


  2. Since my dream of spending October in IN was smashed because of circumstances beyond our control, these pictures are very much enjoyed.We are experiencing record breaking heat!  The mid 90’s …UGH!!!


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