12 years ago today

John Denver left us.  Here is a song of his that I love, Whispering Jesse.


7 thoughts on “12 years ago today

  1. For heaven’s sakes – 12 years already!!!  Now that I think about it, I recall him passing away not long after we visited Yellowstone.  That was in 1997!    My favorite John Denver song is “Annie’s Song.”Kathi


  2. I saw him in concert twice. he was beautiful. I was listening to bunches of his songs when I was doing house work a couple days ago. I didn’t realize how long it had been.


  3. @piecedtreasures – Glad you got to see him then!@i_was_there_and_back_again – Farewell Andromeda, love it!  Kathi, Annie’s Song, another favorite, my sister in law sang it for our wedding.@i_was_there_and_back_again – @proudmom87 – Whispering Jesse is one of his later songs, he had some great albums that were after his more popular years.  And I loved his older voice.@thankee – Yes, great music for doing stuff around the house!  His concerts were always wonderful, I went to about 5 myself.  Last couple in the nineties.


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