Tomorrow some friends are moving their two mini-horses and a pony into our barn. Should be fun! I hope I won’t be sorry, ha. I tell ya we are becomng a little ranchette.

I went out to the barn last night to shut the chickens in. They were snuggled up together on their roost. I like to pet them and tell them good night, and they cluck and talk to me. It is such a nice night that I sat out on my swing in the yard for a while. “Farm living is the life for me!” 😛

I know, I’m way behind on updating here but I’ll get to it!  Probably will need to post some pictures of the horsies and the chickens this weekend!

Two weeks until I am in Denver and get to love on my grandbaby Eva Jane!!

I just realized I never posted pictures on here of our last trip!  Here are a few:


She is a beauty.



With her Granddad, or Papaw, we can’t decide!


Best birthday present ever.


Hiking in Boulder, Dan and I.


At the Rocky Mtn. Natl Park.





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