Tomorrow afternoon I am flying out to Denver to visit Dan & Jamie and Evalyn for a few days!  Doesn’t seem quite real but I’m happy.   I can’t wait to hold that baby!!  It was a hard day at work, which is funny because last time I went to CO I had kind of a hard day the day before we left.  Guess I am just getting my fill before having a few days off.  Last night I had a scare because Dan was sick and the dr. had told him it was swine flu..but this morning he is feeling better so now he thinks maybe he just had a 24 hour thing!  That is a big praise, since we were all worried about the baby getting it too.  Jamie hadn’t felt great either but never got any fever or chills.  So hoping they continue to be ok.  Anyway, I’m going now no matter what.  Last night I was afraid I was going to have to postpone it which would have been pretty hard to do.

So here’s to another Rocky Mtn High trip.


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  1. enjoy your visit…yesterday we were walking in the State Park and think we saw bluebirds….they were strikingly blue at any rate but I could not spot an orange throat…..would they be in eastern PA at this time of year?????


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