I’m back and I had a wonderful trip!  Little Eva Jane is awesome.   It broke my heart to leave her again, but I know I will see them again in about 5 weeks or so, after Christmas.  We had fun and made some memories.  One of the most precious memories was taking EJ for a walk in her stroller for about an hour.  My first time to take her for a walk! She was looking up at me and smiling.  Oh it melts my heart when she smiles at me.  She fell asleep towards the end of the walk.  We had fun on Fri doing some baking together, so that felt like early holidays for me.  I  made a couple of pans of my special mint brownies, Jamie made a cherry pie and Cindi made a Miss. Mud Cake.  The other grandkids were having a chili supper and dessert auction on Fri night so we made these things to contribute.  I ended up buying Jamie’s pie!  So we were eating a lot of dessert all weekend.

On the flight home on Sun night, thankfully they had Direct TV on Frontier so I was able to watch most of the Colts- Patriots game.  When I got into Indy Ed and I watched the last few minutes at the airport with a bunch of other fans.  So that was fun, and the Colts won 35-34 wahooooo!

Now trying to get back to normal.  Worked on Mon and Tues afternoons and today is my day off to try to catch up on some stuff.  I’m still worn out and just want to goof off.   But I need to get some groceries and do some other housework.  I’m excited that yesterday I found out I can have the whole week off between Christmas and Jan 4.  Whoo!  That’s a relief.  So now we have plenty of time to go out to Denver that week, and Rob will be home and go out with us so he can finally meet his little niece!  It will be a wonderful blessing and sweet time to have our family all together for a while.  Rob is leaving on Jan. 3 on a trip to Belgium with a group of guys from college, to do some mission work over there.  I know he’ll love that. 

I have a book called “Lost in the Middle” about this time of life I am in.  I’ve  been feeling that way, like I am still in this time of transition of life and I really feel a little lost and trying to figure out some kind of new normal and self identity if that makes any sense.  It’s like I jumped from full-time mom after so many years into empty nest and working , etc and just somehow have to settle my mind into it.  Hm, maybe I should read my book, ha!  I’m ready for this time of Thanksgiving and Christmas and lights and pretty music.  Thankful to God for all he has done for us.  Think on these things.

Hopefully I’ll have time to get pictures off my camera so I can share a picture of our little dolly!


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  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time in Denver!And… you didn’t have to miss the Colts’ game!  It was awesome, but I was a nervous wreck!    I really wish they’d just go back to the blowouts… it’s easier on my heart! 


  2. Sounds like such a sweet time with your little one!!!Re: Lost In The Middle,  I guess I was lucky.  I never had that feeling.  It seemed as if I was busy with the kids when they were home, but when they left, I worked inside, and helped with the farming too.  Taught High School Kids at church, and played the organ.   Seems I’ve never had a stopping place……still don’t.  Maybe if I felt up to par, and could get things done as quickly as I used to, I’d have free time now, but my bones and muscles don’t cooperate, so it takes me twice as long to get a job done now.  (o;  I’m still thankful I can keep busy though. Many many folks my age, are sitting in a nursing home.  Yup….I’m thankful.


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