I like the sound of this, but it’s funny, cornbread is not a part of our traditional dinner!


You Are Cornbread
While some people may find Thanksgiving to be stressful, you are able to kick back and soak it all in.
You have a high threshold for stress, and you prefer to just focus on the parts of Thanksgiving that you love the best.

You may go unnoticed at times, but you are often the glue that holds everything together. People would be unsatisfied if you weren’t around.
You are easy going and easy to love. And a lot more interesting than boring old dinner rolls!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Chris! I had to take this test … I was ‘Mashed Potatoes’! Lol! Reliable! Well, I guess you could consider mashed potatoes, reliable … although, a little lumpy, from time to time! Lol! Sounds like me! Anyway, you’ll have to make it to Metamora .. especially for their Christmas Walk! They also have their Canal Days in 0ctober, which is considered, ‘tent city’! Crafts, and antiques, galore! They do have a web site, so you can find out their schedule. Well, they say the snow is on the way … maybe not so much, though, but, if I see just one or two flakes, I’ll be happy! You have a great week! <><


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